The Stay at Home Mom and The Infamous “Why Don’t You Work?”


I think for me, one of the most irritating questions a Stay at Home Mom can be asked is “Why don’t you work?”. This question is not only rude, but implies that you don’t want to work or are incapable. In my case, I CHOOSE to stay at home and raise my children because I WANT TO. I much prefer knowing that my children are being raised the way I want them to be, not the way a stranger chooses. Registered Daycare Facilities are wonderful and they serve a purpose to those who want or need them, but personally, I think that not only do your children benefit from you being home with them, but you benefit from spending that extra quality time with them. Let’s Face It; Our children are forced to grow up so quickly these days that spending as much extra time with them as you can while they’re young can’t be a bad thing! 

The other side to that irritating question: I DO WORK! Being a stay at home Mom IS a FULL TIME JOB! We cook, we clean, we play, we teach, we change bums, and make bottles, we listen to crying, we soothe, we know every theme song to every show on Treehouse…and no matter what happens, how good or bad our day was…we don’t collect a pay cheque. Our pay is provided in Kisses and Hugs and I Love You’s…and even before that…we get paid with a full heart every time our children look at us and say “Mama” with a smile on their face!

So maybe the next time you consider asking a Stay at Home Mom “Why Don’t You Work?” You’ll remember this little message, and realize…the job we’re doing is not only crazy and hectic…it’s also one of the most important jobs on this Earth…we are raising the Future!

I love my children, I love being ‘Mommy’ and I love being home to see every moment and every milestone, For every one of their milestones…is also one of my own!


3 thoughts on “The Stay at Home Mom and The Infamous “Why Don’t You Work?”

  1. Good post! Such a stupid thing to stay to stay at home moms. Every mom should support each other and stop the criticizing. Moms that choose to stay at home have a tough job and aren’t paid for it. Moms that choose to work outside the home have to be away from their kids but get paid. Some moms like that “break” and some have to do it financially… but everyone is doing their best! lol and I’m not even a mom. Well, I suppose I work out of the home to afford my fur-monster’s food 🙂

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